The new generation brides and grooms are well aware of making their day big day beautiful. Thus, top wedding planners in Kerala are to be taken seriously about the best wedding trends. The main advantage that you get when you hire the service of the Traditional wedding planner in Kerala is to learn about the latest trends in wedding ceremonies to create a unique one for your own that would amaze your guests. The wedding planners are fully aware of different design and décor trends and what kind of impact they can create.

Traditional wedding planner in Kerala

Traditional Wedding

Traditional wedding in India varies according to the region, religion, community, and personal preference of the bride and groom. They are festive occasions in India and in most cases celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, dresses, music, dance, costumes, and rituals that depend on the community, region, and religion of the bride and the groom. As one of the world’s most religiously and ethnically diverse lands, India boasts unique, culturally rich wedding ceremonies that run from elegant and cultivated to beautifully intricate.

Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding is a traditional ceremony for Hindus. The wedding ceremonies are very colorful and celebrations may extend for several days. EventBae is the top wedding planning company in Kochi, Kerala that plays an essential part in the perception, arranging, and execution of traditional Hindu weddings. We are the pioneers in Traditional wedding planner in Kerala. As the best Hindu wedding planner in Kerala, we work in close conjunction with the bride and groom to be to focus the stream of the wedding and to arrange the complex exercises connected with a traditional Hindu wedding.


The mandap is the location where the wedding ceremony takes place. Hindus use small heaven that has fire, which wards off all evil. The ceremony begins with the Namboothiri chanting the prayers and the wedding couple will circle the fire seven times. Some Hindu ceremonies begin with an invocation to Lord Ganesh or Lord Krishna.

Mangal sutra and Sindoor

A Mangal sutra is a chain that the groom places around the bride’s neck, this is an important step towards the completion of a Hindu wedding ceremony. After that applying sindoor to the bride, hair is a way to signify that she is now married.


In a Hindu wedding, the father of the bride places the bride’s hand into the groom’s hand and knot the end of their clothes together as a gesture of giving her away.

Muslim Wedding

Best Muslim wedding planners in Kerala arrange the diverse part of different wedding styles. A traditional Muslim wedding festival usually takes up to three days to complete. Additionally, before the wedding day, the pre-wedding rituals are held at both the couple’s houses. To celebrate the new life of a couple and adore a happy life for them. The Muslim wedding is also known as “Nikah” in the religion of Islam. EventBae being the best event management company in Kerala, Kochi gives utmost importance to every details while crafting these occasions.


On the nikah day, the official convocation of bride and groom is held. The maulvi recites the Quran in front of both and asks them the kabool nama. After saying Kabool Hai three times by both the couple they sign the Nakahama and the celebration begins.

Christian Wedding

Indian Christian weddings are a magical affair. Merging the beauty of the western traditions with the rich cultural heritage of India. For a typical Christian wedding held at the church. The groom mostly wears a black or white suit depending on the theme of the wedding. The bride wears neither saree nor gown, these dresses are generally light shades with thread or beads work. The marriage is solemnized by first exchanging wedding rings and the groom ties a thali around the bride’s neck. After that, the manthrakodi is handed over by the groom to the bride. The best Christian wedding planner in Kochi, Kerala will organize a Christian wedding that is special, elegant, and beautiful. So the Christian wedding is something new and different.


The haldi ceremony takes place at a wedding, where family members put a mixture of turmeric, oil, and water all over the bride and groom’s skin and clothes. This is believed to make their skin glow for the wedding. Which is held later that day. The wedding decoration planner set the surroundings full of yellow lights and flowers.


The Mehendi ceremony is about applying henna to the bride’s hands and feet. The wedding planners invite Mehendi artists for best designs.


A pre-party known as Sangeeth is held before the actual wedding. From dance to singing folk songs. The bride’s family prepares the performance and gives a grand welcome to the groom’s family. The wedding organizers arrange all set for the party.

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