‘Love’ is always trending, yes, even during a pandemic, which means there is always a wedding plan.
The big fat Indian wedding season is in full power, so why do we wait? Let’s have interesting and love-filled wedding plans. A Big crazy wedding can be made more interesting by providing a catchy theme for it. The best Themed wedding planner in Kerala has the best wedding decoration ideas for you. So let’s have a look.

Beach wedding theme

Beaches are always a cozy place for serenity lovers and there is nothing like dancing near the bluish waves barefoot with the romantic rhythm of the sea. Pulling yourself out of the hassle and feel of the sand grains beneath your barefoot is a much exciting experience. This themed wedding can make your dream day a memorable one with the best Themed wedding planner in Kerala.

Your dream day with a beach-themed wedding would stay unique with sea-side detailing. The use of delicate seashells gives a bohemian touch. Bamboo gateways are best suitable for this theme. Selecting the right event organizers for the wedding makes your dream day a memorable one. Sea-inspired invitations will undoubtedly get your guests excited for the upcoming special wedding day.

Vintage wedding theme

There are a lot more exciting things when it comes to the Vintage theme. A vibrant vintage feels with refined details will engage everyone’s heart. It makes the atmosphere more whimsical and romantic. There come so many different styles..i.e. decades to take inspiration from!! Everything from cutlery to colors, decorations to dance will behold a vintage style in this wedding theme. So be the trendsetter and earn uncountable appreciation for your uniqueness and the best wedding decorations from the best Themed wedding planner in Kerala.

The idea can go a long way. From displaying your parent’s old wedding pictures and your childhood photographs as a ‘walk down memory lane to flowing drapes, pretty chair caps, crockery with floral print, romantic blush centerpieces as a highlight to the theme. Dramatic lighting can make your vintage wedding modern as well as classic. The beautiful calligraphy provided in the invitation cards and welcome boards evoke the vintage flair.

Why wait…Best event management company for weddings in Kerala has all the ideas to bring out the best wedding day for you.

Royal Indian Wedding Theme

Getting married in the Royal way, holding hands with your love in the royal attire is the dream of every couple. A classic palace or a heritage fort could be the best choice. Your dream day could be made grander with the best wedding decorations based on this royal theme by choosing the best event organizers for weddings in Kerala.

If you are so fond of being a Lucknavi bride or groom but you can’t make it to Lucknow? The best Themed wedding planner in Kerala would help you out to the fullest for your dream day. The nawab style wedding is a trendsetter and Lucknow being the center of Indian culture and tradition, the royal theme adds more colors to your royal wedding. The wedding venue would pose a royal elegance with wedding decorations inspired by the Mughal era. The Rajasthan royal theme comes with colorful wedding decorations enriched in Rajputana styles. The red and golden color combinations are the most trending combo ever in the North Indian royal wedding. The best event management company of Kerala has unique ideas and the best wedding decorations for your day.

Sustainable wedding theme

As the environmental issues are rising at a high pace, we need to plan for an eco-friendly theme wedding which would reduce the waste and plastic. The wedding decorations could be of reusable materials. Switching to e-invites is an option. However, if we still need a printed card an eco-friendly option would be seed paper invites made from biodegradable which is embedded with seeds that can be planted later.

Use of Handwritten chalkboard signs. Use of local flowers and leaves and avoid plastic and non-biodegradable material usage. Use of recyclable wine bottles to DIY aisle décor pieces especially for your Mehandi and Haldi function.

A beautiful photo booth can be set up using old wooden furniture. We The best wedding planners in Kochi would make your day the best with sustainable wedding decorations as there are plenty of ideas available with the best event organizers for wedding.

Flamingo Wedding Theme

Flamingo theme wedding is a fun-filled wedding theme which you would love to opt for especially for a pool party or Mehandi. It’s cool, tropical and pink. The wedding decorations include giant flamingo-shaped floral arrangements that would be just gorgeous and pleasing whether it is a sangeet or a reception.

Casino Wedding Theme

How about a dream wedding in LAS VEGAS?? Yes, you heard it right! Even if you cannot make it up to Las Vegas, we have the best wedding planners near us for a fun-filled casino-themed wedding.

Planning a casino wedding is not an easy option, well, planning and organizing any kind of wedding needs much research, thus a casino wedding can be made successful by informing your guests about the dressing and providing a little note on the theme which would be a great help.

Creating an authentic atmosphere and adding traditionally used casino colors would be interesting. Luxurious resorts are the best venues for this theme. Arranging tables with games like blackjack, poker, and so on would add colors to the theme.

Bollywood Wedding Theme

As the festive seasons are here already and the love for Bollywood movies, songs are evergreen, the best wedding planners of Kochi, Kerala can make your dream wedding come true. From kids to grandpas and grandmas all adore Bollywood as a whole. Romance, drama, and action are all-time favorites right??So let’s have a sneak-peek into this energetic theme!

Bollywood is known for glam and glitters and the Red Carpet Night makes the wedding ceremony more glamorous indeed. An entrance with Bollywood blockbusters would add a party mood to your entire wedding ceremony. The best wedding planners of Kochi are here to help you out with their best wedding decorations and ideas.

Sangeeth is the celebration of filmy songs and those masterpiece dance steps of all-time favorite movies. Hits of Bollywood to the celebration adds more fun.. A colorful Holi-style Haldi celebration would be perfect. The best event management team of Kochi is here with the best wedding decorations and plans for you.

Fairytale Wedding Theme

We, the best event management team in Kerala, have unique ideas to convert your wedding venue into a dreamy fairy tale. Imagine a wedding amidst starry lights, flowers, chandeliers. We can take you to a whole fantasy world with the best wedding decorations for this dazzling theme. Blooming archways are always in the limelight for wedding receptions.

Laced curtains would add more charm to the theme. Disneyland theme comes under this which would be every girl’s dream. Choosing the best event organizers at the right time makes your day special. The best wedding planners in Kerala help you for a gorgeous wedding day with your dream character.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

The bohemian or boho is all about blending natural elements with exquisite eclectic pieces to create a unique and aesthetic feeling. The event organizers for weddings are always at your back to make the wedding a memorable one.

Tents and teepees are used to create conical canopies which are a trendsetter for a garden party or afternoon brunches. Whimsical canopy mandaps are infused with some dramatic elements such as chandeliers meshes of branches and twigs, creepers, vines, logs, floral garlands, and artistic creations with wires and fairy lights. Macramé is a pacesetter for various decorations. This knotted craft brings the best of art and history to the table. Potted plants in knotted slings add an earthy touch as well.

Hope these brief views on the new trends in a wedding have provided you with information regarding the wide range of ideas the best wedding planners of Kochi Kerala have for your dreamy big day!!

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