Do you want wrinkles before getting married?

It may happen in the rush of arranging wedding decoration, if you do everything by your own.

That is why EventBae, the top wedding decorators in Kochi, Kerala is here to assist you with these, so that you can focus on your hapiness with the loved ones.

Till now, you were only dreaming about getting married, but you might haven’t been thinking through about how to make it happen.

But now the moment has already come, wherein you need to fulfill all the wishes that you have nurtured so far.

It’s the moment when your partner will be beside you, holding your hand, and whispering sweet promises of togetherness in your ears.

But wait a minute!

Will it look good, if your loved ones are standing in a monotonous world? Your hearts are flattering, but the ambiance is too neutral to match with the occasion.

It won’t, right ?

So decorations in your wedding are crucial to add sonnets to your vibe.

Though, it’s daunting, as you are not a wedding planner, how will you know where to add what, and which will add more charm to it.

Even if you have a slight idea, yet it’s not your cup of tea to do all the wedding decor arrangements by yourselves.

And If you do one thing, you may miss another. So wrapping up, you alone can’t make your dream wedding come true.

But don’t fret! Neither you should take stress, as you’ll get wrinkles before getting married !

And that’s why EventBae, the best wedding decorators in Kochi Kerala with their custom wedding plans,
makes sure that your glow never fade away.

Whether it’s about church wedding decoration, themed wedding decorations or a traditional wedding decoration in your preferences, our wedding event organizers are experienced and enthusiastic enough to make your dream come true.

Thereby, EventBae put new milestones in wedding decoration in Kochi and all over Kerala with path-breaking ideas.

Our Wedding Decoration Services:

With an intent to make you more aware of our services, we are diving deep a little bit :

Home Decoration

If your home is not beautified, you will fail to get an event ambiance & we can’t let that happen, as EventBae, the premium wedding stage decorators in Kochi, we know the cost of moments.

So whether it’s the outdoor area, or the indoor parts of your home – our team members will design each corner with utmost love.

But that does not end here !

Wedding first-night should be memorable, so we prettify your room with fascinating lights, candles, & flowers that will make your soul allure.

Stage Decoration

Haldi to Mehandi, and Mehandi to Sangeet; stage decoration for Kerala weddings are the most crucial thing – as 70% of rituals are meant to be performed there.

So our experienced designers will decorate it magnificently in different styles for different rituals while ensuring that it makes you feel special and elevate your mood.

Whether it is a Kerala traditional hindu wedding stage decoration, or stage decoration for a christian wedding in Kerala, or if it is a Kerala muslim wedding stage decoration, EventBae, the top wedding decorators in Kochi is a veteran in harmonizing it attractively.

EventBae is here to put new landmarks in the arena of wedding stage decorations, all over kerala.

Light Decoration

Whether to spark life or a room, lights have always been crucial. And where two hearts are going to be sealed, without light decorations, how could it be joyous?

While keeping in mind these key points, we provide wedding light decoration services in Cochin, Kerala which include string lights to hanging lanterns within your budget.

Table and Chair Decoration

It’s the beginning, as you are going to embark on a new phase in life, so everything’s meant to be graceful which makes you feel like heaven.

Table and chair decoration, centerpiece, wedding couch for bride and groom etc will always come forward with the motive to give you heavenly vibes. And, we EventBae, the wedding stage decorators in Ernakulam do it for you in contemporary and traditional styles.

Wedding Bouquets

The bouquet makes your partner feel that they are special to you. So how could you miss to make them feel special on your wedding day?

Apart from that, whether it’s for bridesmaids, or to decorate wedding tables for your guests, wedding bouquets always come to the picture.

And our team ensures to arrange wedding flowers as per your theme and tastes, which will bring goosebumps to the spectators.

Wedding Cakes Decoration

Your wedding cake should be mouthwatering, at the same eye-popping by looks. As It’s your wedding day & you can’t celebrate it without a wedding cake..

Because that does not suit, right?

But you are lucky because we are already here with an intent to cherish your soul, whether it’s through taste, or with scenic ambiance.

Our efficient vendors better knows how to design lip-smacking splendid cakes – that make guests feel wow when you taste it.

Car Decoration

To have a magnificent  entry of the groom, and scenic farewell of the bride – you should decorationate your car with pride.

So we are here to assist you, whether your pride exists in simple car decoration, or in red car decoration, that doesn’t matter.

At EvenBae, the wedding decorators in Kochi Kerala, we prefer versatility rather than going with a single thing.

Pathway Decoration

You have always dreamt of walking over a decorated pathway, when you will get married. And now the universe has allowed you to turn your dream into reality.

Especially if you go to a church wedding, you can’t ignore that. It’s your day, so you should cherish it in a better way.

EventBae will decorate the pathway with pathway stands, lanterns, flowers – that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Marriage Hall Decoration

You are going to capture your moments, so you can’t go with a marriage hall decorationated ordinarily.

Can you ?

And that’s why we decorate your wedding hall strategically. Paying attention to lights, stage, mandap, and seating arrangements – we beautify every single thing with an intent to make you jump with glee.

Wedding Tent Decoration

Are you the one who prefers a wedding tent over a hall ? Well, you don’t have to worry! Because you are in the right place.

EventBae considers that people do have different tastes, and that is why our team is here to help you with flexible services.

Whether you want your tent to scream with luxury, or wish to have the ambiance of a romantic wedding – we will design it for you, exactly the way you have conceptualized in your mind.

So if it is a Kerala traditional wedding decoration or a most modern trimming, it is all our niche.

But marriage is not the final destination!

So we are not going to leave in the midstream. There are lots of events to come up; whether it’s your wedding reception, anniversary celebration, babyshower to cherish the boon of becoming a mother, baptism or birthday celebration, EventBae team is always here to lift your mood.

Plan your wedding filled with your personalities and preferences! Give us a call at +91 75-94-0555-94 or contact us to plan your wedding stage and flower decoration in Kochi.

EventBae, Eventfully Yours!

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