Birthdays are the most joyous time of the year to gather your friends and family to celebrate together. No matter where in the world you might be or where your friends might be, there is no better time to do something fun for every milestone you hit! Although, birthdays can be a stressful time for some of us pondering over – how should I celebrate? How many people should I call? What if no one’s available?
All out of ideas? We are here for you!

If you’re looking for unique and extraordinary birthday party ideas, then our birthday event management company in Kochi Kerala is here for you. Or perhaps you know what you want, but not how to get it; our birthday planners will do it for you!

Birthday party plans for your kids

Don’t let this moment fly away !

Time turns into a jiffy, and it’s your munchkin day. So you must make it a special day!!

But are you getting overwhelmed ?

Because, it’s not only about throwing your kid’s birthday party, it is also about making your little one’s birthday a memorable event.

Budget, theme, venue, drink & catering – are you puzzled amid all these things ?

Now imagine, you have got the best birthday party organisers in your city as your right hand, who knows better about what your kid wants, what makes them happy, and which theme will enlighten their mood.

To make your life 10x times easier, they even help you with the budgeting, so that you don’t unnecessarily lose your money.

You will dangle in glee, right?

Who will not? After all, it’s your kid’s birthday & you can’t wait to see your munchkin billion dollar smile .

Well, EventBae, the birthday event planner in Kochi is here to plan your kid’s birthday, just like a magician by twisting a magical wand.

Whether it’s a surprise birthday party or a planned spectacular one – our team don’t forget to make you mesmerise.

How do we do this?

Being the best birthday party organizers in Kochi, as we have promised you so far, we take your event’s toll, and so we strategically assist you with our versatile services.

Budget for Birthday Party

It’s sinful to plan anything without having a firm grip on the budget, but you being inexperienced don’t bother to give it a thought.

And then you find yourself running out of it. So to not let that happen, our event management team for birthday parties help you with the budgeting and planning your kid’s birthday event in a way that doesn’t strain your pocket.

Theme Birthday

Theme birthday always makes your little one feel as if they belong to another world.

Whether it’s through a circus-themed birthday party or a Disney party , if you have a baby girl, And a baseball bonanza party, if your little one is a sports lover.

According to your child’s interest, the EventBae, themed birthday party organisers in Kochi plans these & doesn’t spare a chance to make your munchkin feel special.

Birthday Party Venue

You always get confused while finalising a birthday party venue, but now you don’t have to.

As we are here to help you in choosing the right venue, according to your theme, preferences, and weather.

EvenBae, the outdoor and indoor kid’s birthday party organisers are experts in crafting it stunningly.

Birthday Cake

A birthday without cakes? It’s heartbreaking for them to accept.

And how can we break their hearts on this auspicious day? So the EventBae team,event planners for birthday party, always keep their preferred cakes ready.

Whether it is a magical unicorn, cascading cookie cake, or the Ice cream parlour cake – our birthday celebration planner keeps everything arranged.

Birthday Drink & Catering

Kids have always been fragile to handle.

Unlike adult’s drink & catering, we have to look after every single thing precisely that kids are about to eat.And our birthday party set up planner does that effectively. Our event organisers for birthday party make sure that whatever kids will consume is non-alcoholic & toxin-free.

Birthday Takeaway Gifts

Kids get furious when they don’t receive gifts.

And I bet you won’t like to see your child grumpy. Will you? So, as EventBae, children’s birthday party organisers has promised so far to take the load on us of your every hazard, we arrange all the birthday takeaway gifts from the lens of your little one’s eye.

Games and Fun Activities at Birthday Party

Games make your kid’s soul alive.

They even forget you, once they indulge in it.Keeping in mind their immense pleasure, EventBae’s birthday party event planners organise games and fun activities along with other things. We choose games that are easier to play, as their little brain can’t combat intellectual aspects.

Apart from that,we plan activities which match the theme that you have chosen. Children never get lured through appearance, what lures them most is – how they feel while doing something.

So when is your munchkin’s birthday? And how do you want to celebrate it ? Let us connect to make your kid’s birthday special. If you are looking for the best kids birthday decoration planner in Kochi, EventBae, a kid’s birthday planner company is here to help you out.

If it’s a surprise party or a special birthday, EventBae has the ideas and expertise to make it extra special. From spectacular themed events to exclusive private dinners, our birthday event organizers will take care of every aspect of your event. And they’ll do it with a meticulous eye for detail that means you’ll be relaxed, reassured and free to enjoy yourself. Join the top event management company in Kochi Kerala now to style some beautiful, memorable stories together.

Are you planning a surprise birthday from US or UAE for your loved ones in Kerala? Don’t let the planning wait till you reach Kerala. Wherever you are, we love being connected and give you an extra set of hands in here, so you don’t have to worry. Don’t know the right vendors or photographers to capture the perfect celebrations? Leave it to EventBae team!

Plan your loved one’s birthday filled with love and fairy tales! Give us a call at +91 75-94-0555-94 or contact us to plan your themed birthday party in Kochi covering all COVID-19 protocols.

EventBae, Eventfully Yours!

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